At Treasure Health Systems, our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs provide a continuum of care that ensures all clients and family members referred are evaluated and provided services and/or referred to primary and secondary service providers to meet their individual needs.

The specific areas that demonstrate a continuum of care are as follows:

  • Screening and Intake Assessment: A screening and intake process is completed 14 days of the initial visit. The Strengths, Needs, Abilities, and Preferences (SNAP) of each client are identified explicitly for integration within an individual plan of care.
  • Comprehensive Individual Planning: An individual plan is developed with each consumer within the first 14 days of treatment. The client is a full participant in the process and goals and objectives are based on individual Strengths, Needs, Abilities, and Preferences (SNAP). Goals are stated in the client’s own language, and the client has open access to the individual plan upon request.
  • Psychosocial Education: Psychosocial education is available to clients, families, care providers in both individual and group formats and provided to assist with interpersonal relations, role performance, anger management, and communication skills.
  • Progress Reviews and Individual Plan Reformulation: Regular scheduled meetings are held with each client to review the progress of their individual goals and update and/or revise the Individual Plan.
  • Transition & Discharge Planning and Criteria: Discharge planning occurs throughout all phases of the program. The person served has met discharge criteria when the goals of the individual plan are achieved and referral to support services is completed, when appropriate.

The specific services that we offer are:


To be eligible for our program, you must:

  • Be 18 years of age and above
  • Have a Maryland Medicaid and/or Proof of Application
  • Have a psychiatric diagnosis that meets the priority population definition as determined by the Mental Health Authority.
  • Have an intake assessment conducted by a Treasure Health Systems staff (this may take up to 2 hours)

Intake Process

During the intake assessment, please make sure that you have the following:

  • Social Security Card, Identification Card and/or Birth Certificate
  • Maryland Medicaid Card and any other insurance cards, including Medicare
  • Name, Address and Phone Number of current or former Therapist, Psychiatrist and Medical Doctor
  • Current medications
  • Hospitalization Records, Medical Records and any related records.

Linkages to Community Resources

Treasure Health Systems shall create and maintains linkages with an Individual in a Psychiatric Inpatient Facility, Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or detention Center and relationships with other service providers, organizations and professionals in the community to ensure clients have the opportunity to access the most effective, coordinated and comprehensive services available in compliance with Federal, State and accrediting board standard and regulation.

Treasure Health Systems, with the informed consent and participation of the client, may make referrals to another service within Treasure Health Systems or to external resources, at any time in service delivery (i.e., prior to offering service, while service is ongoing or when service is being terminated).

Support the successful transition to and/or from inpatient and detention facilities, Coordinate rehabilitative services with the inpatient or detention facility.

Other Services Provided

We are still updating our website with contents. Please check back next time.

Hours of Operation

Treasure Health Systems is open from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

For eligibility concerns and service inquiries, give us a call at 410-800-4484 for assistance. For an assessment, you can Set an Appointment now.

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